Meet the Gardners

Paul and Micah Gardner are the talented duo behind Fresh from the Kitchen. The couple has been married for 17 years and have two beautiful children. They enjoy time with family and friends and are always “creating.” The Gardners relocated to Madison, AL in 2010 after some time in the military and a career change. They are trained in the fields of engineering and organizational development, but it is their ingenuity and passion for people and food that led them to the creation of Fresh from the Kitchen.

Micah is the dreamer of the pair.

She spends several hours a week in the gym and has sought to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the sake of her own well being and as an example for her children. Over the years she has struggled with balancing her desires to eat and feed her children clean, homecooked meals and the business of a full-time job and multiple activities demanding her time. Micah was often riddled with guilt when the options for convenient food meant serving something she felt would create bad habits or potential long-term health battles. She was determined to find a way to do it all. Micah began meal prepping and helping her friends and family plan and cook in such a way as to still have the convenience of a fast food restaurant, but with all of the motherly goodness she desired to be able to provide for her own family. She was convinced that she was not alone in this quest for balance. There had to be countless other men and women who wanted to do better with their eating, but didn’t know where to begin.

Paul is the master executor of the pair.

He enjoys nothing more than taking concepts and making them a reality, especially in the lives of his family and friends. He is often found in the garage designing and building something he believes can meet the need of someone’s “wish list.” Paul can spot the gap and create the solution before most people ever realize the problem exists. He saw the guilt Micah struggled with in trying to live a healthy lifestyle with such a fast paced, demanding schedule. And, being a lover of all things food, Paul also noticed there were not many places in quick passing where the two of them could enjoy eating together, given Micah’s personal dietary restrictions. Paul questioned why so many food trucks came close to offering poultry or vegetarian options, but missed the mark with things like a turkey hot dog with beef chili. Or better yet, when menu items did align with his family’s clean eating journey, the taste left much to be desired. Paul decided HE needed to be his family’s solution to a delicious, healthy eating experience.

Paul and Micah already express their love to family and friends through the meals and recipes they share. Now, you too can experience the love the Gardners bring in each service line of Fresh from the Kitchen!